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Our group has invested in a wide range of affiliated companies that have presented diverse investment opportunities in innovative and promising projects. Our investment process ensures rigorous selection and analysis, guaranteeing high standards of quality and potential performance.

The experience of the LY Holding team has led us to excel in the technological, industrial, energy, environmental, and real estate sectors. As we grow and evolve, we continue to seek new investment opportunities and establish strategic partnerships with visionary companies. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and financial success as we create and strengthen our network of affiliated companies.

The path we’ve traveled provides us with confidence for the future and enables us to invest in promising companies and create exciting new projects.
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What We Do at LY Holding

Our aim is to provide support, investment, and growth to emerging companies or those in need of a boost, working together to achieve the goals set forth in the projects we select.

Currently, we collaborate with groups of investors and companies that join us in our venture.

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