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We support companies in defining their target business plan through strategic growth consulting, while also shaping their financing model by seeking investment.

Some of Our Services

Services for Companies

Consulting & Interim Management

We analyze the company together with the management, identifying areas for improvement and working on an action plan to address weaknesses in the short, medium, and long term. We advise on the execution of various strategic plans, such as the overall business plan, commercial plan, marketing plan, and financial plan.

We define the activities to be carried out to achieve the objectives approved by the board of directors or ownership. We schedule the execution times of activities, define responsibilities, and allocate the necessary resources.

We assist in finding the most suitable investor for each company in its growth process.

Direct Investment by LYHC

At Ly Holding Capital, we directly invest in the growth of potential affiliated companies, providing human capital, knowledge, and/or financial investment in the analyzed companies’ developments and business strategies.

Services for Institutional Investors

We search, analyze, and structure companies for each type of investor according to their needs and investment strategy. We currently hold long-term investment mandates with various international institutions.

How We Can Assist You

Here are some of the consulting services we offer that can serve as a catalyst for your company’s growth.

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