How We Operate


At LYHC, we have a rigorous model for analyzing and selecting opportunities based on financial evaluation methods and strategic positioning, allowing us to invest in companies with the best potential.


What We Seek in a Company

  • Demonstrates high growth potential.
  • Has scalable business models.
  • Is in phases prior to consolidation.
  • Efficient capital utilization.
  • Focuses on building strong businesses.
  • Generates real value for its clients.
  • Understands investment as a means to finance growth.


Analysis and Evaluation Process

  • Initial analysis and documentation request.
  • Interview with management or ownership.
  • Preparation of a report for the Operations Committee, including the analyst’s opinion and proposed financing structure, with or without co-investors.
  • Approval by the LYHC Operations Committee and preparation of a Letter of Intent (LOI), or presentation to co-investors if applicable.
  • Presentation of the proposal to the company.
  • Upon acceptance, a 45-day exclusive legal and financial due diligence is conducted.
  • Signing of the agreement.

How We Can Assist You

Here are some of the consulting services we offer that can serve as a catalyst for your company’s growth.

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