Human Team and Purpose


We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in senior management, innovation, and business development. We have a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We have partnerships with institutional investors with the goal of seeking investments in our area of expertise.

Executive Partners

Curro Rodríguez. Socio y CEO de Ly Holding

As an entrepreneur and business leader, they have founded 31 companies in 6 countries. They successfully balanced their business activities for over 20 years as a member of the medical teams for 061, specializing in disaster response and humanitarian aid.

Today, they lead a successful business holding, with one of the most notable entities being the Ly Company Group. They transformed this startup into a multinational corporation within 4 years, becoming one of the top 5 fastest-growing multinationals in Europe. Among their numerous accolades, they have been honored as a Flag of Andalusia for Economics and Business, received the Alas Award, and were recognized by the European Union for their management between Europe and the Caribbean, among others.

They serve as the President of the Ly Company Water and Life Foundation. Their numerous talks and presentations, from the United Nations in New York to Japan, Dubai, Milan, Madrid, and their beloved Malaga, are characterized by the authenticity of their experience, the culture of effort, commitment, attitude, and optimism.

They hold degrees in Criminology and an Executive MBA.

Specialties: Business consulting, business plans, international trade, food and industrial sectors.


Maite Bernal. Socia y directora de calidad y sostenibilidad en Ly Holding

Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Ly Company Group. Maite is highly qualified in the field of quality, environment, and certifications, standing out for her deep knowledge and mastery of international regulations. With a passion for excellence, she has driven numerous companies to achieve high standards of quality and sustainability.

Throughout her extensive international career, Maite has collaborated with multiple companies, leading certification projects that have strengthened the competitiveness and reputation of her clients in the global market. Her ability to successfully implement certifications such as IFS, B-CORP, ISO, among others, is notable. She has extensive training in PCQI, Environment, Management and International Cooperation, Auditing, Crisis Management, Quality Systems, and Industrial Security, among others.

Her involvement in investment projects guarantees a rigorous and responsible approach, ensuring the creation of value and the success of the initiatives she is involved in.

Specialties: Certification auditing, quality, processes, and sustainability. Food, industrial, and technological sectors.

Certifications, Quality, and Sustainability

Paco Baeza. Socio y director de operaciones en Ly Holding

Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Ly Company Group. A distinguished professional in the field of water treatment and an undisputed leader in his field. Graduated in Engineering with specialization in hydraulic installations from the University of Madrid.

With over 15 years at SUEZ TREATMENT SOLUTIONS (Degremont), where he served as a Project Manager for large-scale international projects, he demonstrates exceptional ability to achieve outstanding results in all types of water treatment, including wastewater, potable water, and desalination.

His extensive experience in leading companies within the sector, coupled with his skill in tackling complex challenges, meticulous approach, and inspirational leadership for teamwork, have earned him recognition as a reference in the industrial, technological, and renewable sectors. His passion for continuous improvement and tireless dedication to technological innovation make him a reliable ally for those seeking efficient and sustainable solutions for their companies.

Specialties: Project development and engineering, public works and tenders, industrial processes, water, and renewables.

Industrial Operations and Implementation

Alfonso Roldán. Socio y director de análisis en Ly Holding

Consultant and auditor, he developed a significant part of his professional career at Deloitte, where he audited companies such as the Inditex Group.

He has been involved in a wide variety of sectors, particularly in the industrial, financial, and real estate fields. He worked for numerous national Financial Institutions, conducting audits and consulting, implementing strategic planning, financial restructuring, and fundraising. He also managed merger and acquisition projects, establishing action plans and leading negotiations.

As a member of the Executive Team and Board of Directors of several companies, he played an active role in high-level decision-making. He was responsible for both national and international expansion processes, leading the development of the commercial network and team creation.

He holds a degree in Economics and Business and an Executive MBA from San Telmo.

Specialties: Detailed financial analysis, internal audits, real estate and financial sectors.

Director of Analysis

Senior Advisors

Raimundo Martín. Socio y director de inversiones de Ly Holding

Executive with over 30 years of experience in the consulting and financial services industry in Iberia and Latin America. Having held top leadership positions in multinational financial services and M&A companies (Banco Santander, PIMCO, Fidelity, Lehman Brothers, Mirabaud…).

Experience in the financial and energy sectors, serving on the board of several multinational companies in these sectors.

He has built his career based on his ability to implement businesses, open new markets, engage in M&A, private equity, and structure and define investment products.

Maintains high-level contacts with corporations and institutional investors in Iberia and Latin America.

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and MBA from IE.

Specialties: Investment Consulting, Venture Capital, and Private Equity.


Julio Andrade Baeza. Socio y director financiero de Ly Holding

Partner and Managing Director of Iuris Catedra, one of the leading law, consulting, and auditing firms. Julio is a prominent figure in the business community, holding positions of responsibility in the Confederation of Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce, and various boards of directors.

Specialized in the comprehensive management of Technological and Scientific Parks, an expert in Auditing and European and Community Financing. His more than 150 days of annual travel to different countries around the world make him highly knowledgeable in emerging sectors, particularly in regions like Latin America and Southeast Asia, which, together with the Middle East, are central to the geopolitical and economic growth of the next 50 years.

He holds a degree in Economics and Business and an MBA from San Telmo.

Specialties: Economic consulting, business analysis, international projection, real estate sector.

Legal and financial

Julio Andrade Ruiz. Senior Advisor en Ly Holding

Fellow and Mentor at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Director of the International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders under the United Nations.

Coordinator of Security for the United Nations Department of Safety and Security.

Advisor for Foreign Affairs at the City Council of Malaga. Graduate of the Senior Management and Leadership Institutions program at San Telmo Institute of Senior Management. Proficiency in the English language (California-USA).

With over 20 years of involvement with the Malaga City Council, serving as Director and Deputy Mayor for International Relations, Tourism, and Security. Associate Professor at MLA College in London. Institutional Academic Advisor for Universidad Tecnológica Latinoamericana Online (UTEL). Member of the Academic Senate of GY Higher Education Institution (Malta).

Executive Vice President of the Mediterranean Peace Forum.

Former board member of various public companies for 11 years.

Graduated in Law from Universidad Camilo José Cela and MBA.

Specialties: High-level national and international institutional relations, board of directors advisory, public sector.

Institutional Relations

Euprepio Padula. Ly Holding Capital

Born in the Italian region of Puglia, Euprepio Padula studied Law and took his first professional steps as a lawyer at IBM. However, his path soon intersected with Human Resources and Business Organization. This led to his incorporation at the age of just 26 in 1992 into Nicholson International, a leading British company in executive selection processes. He was quickly promoted to the General Management for Spain, Southern Europe, and South America.

In 2002, he became part of the Global Executive Committee of Alexander Mann, a British corporation that leads in Human Resources and Leadership solutions worldwide. At Alexander Mann, he reached the position of Worldwide Director of Executive Search and Leadership Management. In 2005, tired of the constraints of large multinational corporations, he decided to create his own firm, Padula & Partners, dedicated to Executive Search and Strategic Human Resources Consulting, as well as political and business leadership.

Specializing in the management of emotions as the guiding thread of the Executive and Group Coaching programs he has been delivering for years, to top executives, politicians, and top management committees of some of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

Euprepio frequently collaborates with prominent politicians and leaders and is a successful lecturer. His roundtable discussions and public appearances are noteworthy. He is an expert in conflict mediation, both in private corporations and the political arena, and has trained executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs from various sectors.

In recent years, Euprepio Padula has established himself as a respected communicator in various media, where he has excelled in putting all aspects related to political and business leadership on the television, radio, and print media agenda. On LA SEXTA, “Espejo Público” on ANTENA 3 TV, he, along with Susanna Griso, has closely examined most of the major social and political events.

Specialty: Coaching, leadership, headhunting, consulting.

Coaching, leadership, headhunting and consulting

Paloma Moreno. Socia de Ly Holding

Managing Partner of Grupo de Auditores Públicos, S.A., one of the top twenty-five auditing firms nationwide and the first in Andalusia. Paloma has over 25 years of professional experience in the fields of financial auditing and business consulting, and over 15 years of involvement in the recovery and viability processes of numerous companies in sectors such as hospitality, construction, and services. She specializes in Commercial Law.

In addition to other institutional roles, she is a member of the Executive Committee and Plenary of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga; a member of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Malaga; and a Board Member of the Social Council of the University of Malaga (UMA). Furthermore, she serves as the President of the Chair of Business Viability at UMA, through which, among other functions, she fosters collaboration between the university and businesses.

She holds degrees in Economics and Business, as well as in Law, and is a Registered Auditor in the ROAC. She is also a Civil, Commercial, and Bankruptcy Mediator.

Specialties: Auditing and consulting, Viability Plans and business valuation reports; Due Diligence and Commercial Law.

Audits & Legal Advisor

Raquel Pérez. Senior advisor en Ly Holding

Consultant, specializing in strategic marketing and digital business transformation, with over 20 years of experience in financial institutions as Director of Advertising and other leadership positions.

Throughout her professional career, she has been closely linked to ICT, creative industries, and scientific communication. She is an expert in project management, strategic planning, innovation, and digital marketing.

She holds a degree in Tourism from the University of Malaga and a degree in Digital Business Transformation from the University of Deusto. She also has a master’s degree in strategic marketing in social environments. She is a co-founder of Onversed, the first Spanish SaaS for the digitization of the fashion industry, and Creative Token World, a consultancy specializing in web 3.0, NFT marketing, and the metaverse.

She is a speaker and instructor at various business schools including ESESA Business School, EADE, Web 3.0 Business School, E-fashion School, and the Master’s in Blockchain for Business.

Specialties: Advanced project management consulting, innovation, marketing, digital transformation, communication, and advertising regulations.

Marketing and Digital Transformation

Francesco Cappe. Ly Holding Capital

President & Ceo of GIOYA Higher Education Institution, based in Malta. Francesco is also Chief Representative in the Euro/Med and at United Nations for the Shanghai Arbitration Commission.

During 12 years was Head of the Security Governance, Counter-Terrorism Research & Policies in the The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI).

CPM Square Ltd. Former Board Member (Management and internationalisation of businesses).

He is Senior Advisor and Chair of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe and Founder & President of GaragErasmus Foundation. Francesco is also Senior Advisor, partnership, management and International development for Confindustria.

Bachelor ‘s degree in Law at Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain and Master in International Relations at University of Florence.

Speciality: International Management & Institutional relations.

International Management & Institutional relations

Nafees Akbarali. Ly Holding Capital

Venture capital founding partner. Board member of companies, NGO’s, and start ups. INSEAD Business School Ambassador (Directors Network in the UK) and INSEAD Board /CEO mentor.

Previously, Defacto Vice Chair of the Board of Standard Chartered Bank in the MENA and Asian Pacific region, Head of WholeSale Banking, Chair of the Risk committee and Head of Global Markets. Nafees has been Advisor to the Boards of a Gulf Energy/petroleum group and International airline.

Bachelor of Engineering at University of London King’s College and Investment Management and Corporate Finance Advanced Programme at London Business School.

Nafees completed the Advanced Certificate of Governance at INSEAD (including Leading from the Chair and Advanced Strategy), the Leadership and Strategy Programme at University of Oxford and obtained the Fintech certification (AI, Big Data, Blockchain adn Crypto) at Harvard University.

Lecturer on Governance to EMBA INSEAD, London Business School and Cornell.

Speciality: Board Management, international Finance and Strategies

Board Management, international Finance and Strategies

Philosophy and Purpose

Pursuit of Entrepreneurship, Investors in Dreams, because an entrepreneur’s or a business owner’s dream is to grow their business; it’s what drives us every day to support them.

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